Our Global Employment Solution

  Our solution: Software to simplify global employment

Self-service onboarding
  • Choose from 160+ countries to onboard globally
  • Be guided by a country-specific onboarding platform
  • Review integrated knowledge of local labor law & practices
Fully compliant employment
  • Operate without the need for a local legal entity 
  • Avoid the risk of an unintended permanent establishment
  • Comply with local labor law (via work contract engine)
Automated payroll and payment
  • Receive automated payroll in local currency in one invoice
  • Activate simple processing of bonuses & incentive payments
  • Add attractive benefits in healthcare & pension.

 What problem are we solving?

Let’s assume you want to:

  • Expand into 🇫🇷France
  • Hire developers in 🇺🇦Ukraine and 🇵🇱Poland, and
  • Have a sourcing manager in 🇨🇳China.

That's 4 different countries, with completely different:

  • Labor laws
  • Work contract regulations
  • HR processes
  • Payroll difficulties
  • Compliance risks

Now imagine YOU are the HR person responsible and need to take care of everything!
Sure, in each country (🇫🇷 & 🇺🇦 & 🇵🇱 & 🇨🇳) you could:

  • Hire a local HR professional who knows the local regulations
  • Find an accounting firm that calculates payroll
  • Open a bank account and make sure you never forget to pay salaries, taxes, and social contributions on time

  ... or use WorkMotion!