Expenses management

The expenses are uploaded into the platform by the employee and they can be found by the HR manager and Line Manager under the Expenses tab.

The approval workflow is via the Line Manager, who is usually registered at the end of the employee onboarding.

The Line Manager will be able to see the same view of the expenses, but it will only contain the entries of the employees they have been assigned to. The first approval/rejection can come from them or from the HR Manager.


As an HR Manager, you will see all expenses requests and you will be able to overwrite any approval/rejection that has been made by the Line Manager should you disagree with it.

We send out two notifications before the end of the month to review all the pending expenses.

This process has to be completed by the 4th of every month at 4pm CET, as our internal payroll cycle ends on this date; for the expense to be paid out within the same month.

This means that on this day all expenses with the status “approved” will become “processed” and the employee will be reimbursed shortly after according to the regular payment dates.

No other edits to the requests or approvals/rejections will be accepted while the status is “processed”.

If expenses are approved after the 4th of the current month, they will be processed in the next month's payroll.