In the Settings tab, you can find your account details, change your login and change the company details that we will write on the invoices and invitations of your employees.

You can also find and manage the other HR users and invite new ones to the platform. 

Please click the "➕" sign for more details:

1. Basic Info
  • Provide the HR Manager account information (name, mobile, email, password).

2. Company Info
  • Company details: here you can enter your company legal name and logo, workspace name, address, finance contact, etc.

3. Documents
  • MSPA document: your agreement with WorkMotion.

  • Any other documents you may want to store on the platform.

4. Users
  • In this tab, you can add other colleagues as HR Managers, by clicking on the Add HR colleague button. This means they will have the same admin rights as you do.