Vacation days

This section defines how the employee should request vacation, and how this information will reach the employer/local partners or WorkMotion entities (UK and Spain). The process may also differ based on country.

Option A: Employer of Record

The general rule is for the employee to request and receive the vacation approval directly at the employer’s HRIS or follow any other process defined by the employer. WorkMotion does not collect inputs concerning vacation days. During the offboarding process, we will reconcile the vacation balance from the employer’s HRIS and partner.


Option B: WorkMotion Entities

For employees with WorkMotion Spain and WorkMotion UK:

The employee should discuss the vacation days with the client and send an email to, with the Line Manager in copy, providing us with the leave dates.


For certain countries, it is required for the employer, on a regular basis, to monitor and record the vacation days taken by the employee. For these countries, the employee will need to request the vacation days to be approved by the line manager (respecting the client’s internal process) and inform the EOR partner by email. During the onboarding process, the employee will receive further guidance from the partner on how to communicate this information.