Add a bonus to the contract

Fixed bonuses or bespoke bonus terms can be incorporated into the contract. Bonuses will have to be approved and will be paid to the employee alongside the monthly salary with all requited tax applied.

 Add a bonus

During step 3 of the contract details, you can switch the toggle to 'yes' next to the feature Does the candidate Receive a bonus? and specify the bonus details:


Sign-on bonus

By adding this amount we are not stating in the payroll or to any other work authority that this amount is to cover for a period of time worked.bonus.png

Meaning that:

• It is not granting any retroactive right to the employee in terms of contract seniority; coverage on any kind of insurance, accident, etc.

• It doesn’t matter if the contract starts in June and the sign-on bonus is to cover the previous month since as mentioned above the bonus is not linked to any period of time; however, due to the nature of this payment, the sign-on bonus is normally added within the first payroll cycle.

• Bonus is normally taxed differently and at a higher tax rate for the employee.