How to approve or reject talent expenses?

The Line Manager is the person in charge of expenses approval. However, we always keep the option for the HR Manager who onboarded the Employee to overwrite the Line Manager's decision.

Expenses due date

The due date is on the 4th of every month at 4 pm CET when our internal payroll cycle ends. That means that on this day any expense with the status “accepted” will become “processing” and will be reimbursed to the requesting employee shortly after. This also means, that there will no longer be any edits accepted to the requests or approvals/rejections.

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1. Invitation

As soon as the employee will sign their employment contract and they will be set to live on the platform, the Line Manager receives an invitation to Sign-up and access the portal.

2. Expenses tab

Next, they will be able to find all your assigned employees' expenses under the “Expenses” tab on the left sidebar:


3. List of expenses

They will be presented with a list of expenses and their overview:


4. Preview expenses
Before approving or rejecting the expense, they can preview them by clicking on the Preview button highlighted in the image above, and download the receipt:


5. Expense statuses
  1. Pending: it has to be approved or rejected by the HR Manager or the Line Manager.
  2. Accepted: the expense is approved by the HR Manager or the Line Manager.
  3. Rejected: the expense is rejected by the HR Manager or the Line Manager and therefore, won't be processed.
  4. Processing: The accepted expense is being processed. 



All expenses have to be submitted by the talents and accepted/rejected by HR/line manager before the 4th of the month at 4 pm CET. Both the HR Manager and the Line Manager will receive two email reminders on the 2nd and 3rd of each month to review pending expenses.



🔔 We send out 2 reminders before the end of the month to review all the expenses.

🔔 We send out 1 notification for every expense that your employee submits throughout the month.