Onboarding stages

There are three onboarding stages that will show the progress in each phase based on the light (in progress) or dark green (completed) color next to each employee row on the Dashboard.


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Contract details (HR Manager)

Light green


  • When light green it means that the HR Manager started drafting the contract

  • Onboarding has been started but nothing is confirmed yet

Dark green


  • Contract confirmed by the HR Manager and invitation sent out to the employee.

Data Collection (Employee)

Light green

  • From grey to light green once the contract details are completed.

  • The employee has started to fill in the information

  • We are still missing steps (i.e. bank info)

Dark green


  • Everything has been filled out and the Admin received the complete DataCollection info.

Employment contract (WorkMotion)

Light green

  • From grey to light green when the Admin downloads from the Action items tab the following file:

Data Collection sheet for [EE] from Onboarding [Customer] is ready



This means that we are actively taking action to send it to the partner.


  • Next Action item that is performed:

Employment Contract for [EE] required!



We handle this action outside of the platform as we need to contact multiple parties and if all agree on signing the contract, we finally upload the employee-signed contract.


Dark green


Once the contract is uploaded, the tab becomes dark green, and the employee status changes from Onboarding to Live.