Add your first employee

Click on the 'ADD EMPLOYEE' button in the top right corner.


Please click the "➕" sign for more details: 

1. Select country

  • Select the country where you want to hire your next employee.
  • The information and fields in the next steps will be subject to change based on the selected countries. Each country has its own regulations and compliances, so the information will differ from country to country.


2. Contract details

  • Fill in candidate information and job-related details to create the employment agreement.

  • Click on the icon :info:  to get more details about the contract fields.



  • Contract dates: the start date shouldn't be less than 5 business days in the future, so the employment process will proceed soundly.
  • The Job Description field is limited to 248 characters. If you wish to provide a longer job description, please use the Upload complete job description field and click on the Upload file button in order to provide a longer job description.
  • Cost Center/Invoice Reference: cost of the center of entity (if any) under which the candidate is onboarded. Some companies require the reference number to be included o the invoice.

3. Contract clauses

  • Local labor regulations from minimum to maximum days and additional benefits that can be provided to the EE.

  • Click on the icon :info:  to get more details about the clauses.

  • Those options will vary by country, so you can enter your preference and we will reach out to you with other possible solutions if what you would like to provide is not attainable at the moment.


4. Salary calculator

  • This is only an estimation of the employment costs as other factors may surface such as the currency exchange rate, for example. The employee will still be paid according to the “gross salary” provided and more details will be shared in the employee’s monthly payslips.
  • While the calculation you will see is in the local currency, the invoice will be in EUR, GBP, or USD hence differences may occur due to exchange rate fluctuations.
  • The currency displayed in the Base Salary/Month field, cannot be changed on the platform and it will reflect the selected country currency. 



5. Invite employee

  • By adding the employee’s email in the Candidate's Email field, they will receive an invitation to join the platform.


6. Summary review

  • Before finalizing the contract details, you will be asked to review and confirm all the information filled out.


7. Line Manager/Finance contact

  • Specify who will be the HR person in charge of approving holidays and expenses for the employee: Line Manager

  • Enter the Finance contact at your company where we will be sending the invoices (it is requested only when you add the first employee).

8. Onboarding has started