Where can I book my holidays?


I need to book some time off but I don't see how to do this on the WorkMotion platform. Can you please provide some guidance?


Currently, it is not possible to book holidays through the WorkMotion platform. This feature will be soon available, but until then please follow the below instructions:

1. Vacations have to be first approved by your direct Manager. Next, you will be able to enter your request directly at the employer’s HRIS or follow any other process defined by your employer. the local partner should also be informed. For certain countries, you will also need to update the partner by email.

During the onboarding process, you will receive further guidance from the partner on how to communicate this information.


2. If you are employed via WorkMotion Spain or WorkMotion UK, you should discuss the vacation days with your employer and send an email to support@workmotion.com, with the Line Manager in copy, providing us with the leave dates.