Can I spend time outside my country of employment?


I would like to work, for a couple of weeks, in a different country than the one I am currently employed in. Is this possible?


Yes, of course! WorkMotion employees can work from abroad for up to 183 days per year. Please make your trip request using the WorkMotion product called WorkFlex: an easy-to-use software
that allows us to compliantly offer temporary work from abroad to our employees.
Step 1: Log into the WorkFlex platform here.
Step 2: Make your workflexing trip request on the platform - this only takes 3 minutes! Please make sure to request your trip at least 2 weeks prior to departure.
Step 3: Within a few days, WorkFlex will settle your manager's approval, travel health insurance, social security documentation, and workflexing instructions to protect you from compliance & liability risks.
Things to keep in mind:
  • You are the owner of your workflexing journey! This means you plan, organize, and finance your trip to your dream destination.
  • There might be cases when the trip is rejected due to the high compliance risk of the destination or manager concerns.