Who bears legal risks, costs, and claims?


Employment brings some legal risks, extra costs, etc. - who will take all those responsibilities?


WorkMotion is your compliance partner for employment abroad. We assume most risks associated with the employment of your talent in accordance with the Master Service and Platform Agreement (MSPA) that we entered with you (e.g. as part of or ongoing services that we provide you) we are responsible for the coordination, management, and supervision of the Partner and that the Partner fully complies with the requirements applicable to the service relationship).

When it comes to termination of employment, however, the “financial consequences” (e.g. severance payments, termination process, observance of termination periods, and termination grounds, which may have to be enforced before a court, tribunal, or the respective supervising authority, etc.) are borne by you as the client. This is referred to as "Termination Costs" in the MSPA.