Overview of your journey at WorkMotion

Your first point of contact at WorkMotion will usually be one of our knowledgeable Sales team members.

Once you will be illustrated how our business model works and how we can fulfill your needs, if an agreement is reached, this will be formalized through the Master Service & Platform Agreement (MSPA).

  Once the agreement is signed, the onboarding of your employees can officially start:

  1. Your company will be added to the WorkMotion platform and we will invite the person designed as HR Manager to create their account.

  2. The HR Manager will register and add their first employee.

  3. Once the first employee is added, we will automatically assign one of our WorkMotion HR Ops Managers and Customer Support team to guide you and the employee throughout the entire onboarding process.
    The assigned WorkMotion HR Ops Manager will also set tasks for the HR Manager as reminders when actions need to be taken on your side. Those tasks will be available under the Action Items on the platform.

  4. By adding a new employee, the HR Manager will automatically send an invitation to the candidate to enter their personal information on the platform.  

  5. When you, the employer/HR Manager, and the employee provided the contact details and personal data, the WorkMotion HR Ops Manager will fill out the additional data points that are missing on the Project Agreement/Employment Contract and will get in contact with our country-specific partner. They will issue the official Employment Contract.

  6. Next, the contract will be prepared and shared with the candidate for review and signature.

  7. Employee onboarding can be next started by the partner and employer/HR Manager.

  8. The partner will be introduced to the employee by the WorkMotion HR Ops Manager and next, the partner will provide all the necessary information to the employee regarding payroll, holidays, sick days, etc. WorkMotion still remains the main point of contact both for the HR Manager and employee.

  9. For any questions you may have concerning the onboarding or post-onboarding, our Support team is here to guide you.