Service costs breakdown

Here is an example of employee onboarding costs until the employment end cycle:

Employee: Max 

Salary: €5,000/monthly

Service fee: €499/monthly

Start date: 1st January 2021 

End date: 30th June 2022

Start of employment - 1st January 2021

  • Advance payment of €6,000 to be sent to our local partner and WorkMotion [(monthly total cost of employment x 1,1) rounded to the nearest 500].
  • This amount is mandatory to start the onboarding process and make sure we can cover payslip payments. It will only be returned when the employment contract will terminate.

Partner payroll closes - 15th January 2021

  • Partner’s payroll closes.
  • Partner invoices €5,000 to your company for the employee salary and sends the invoice to WorkMotion.
  • WorkMotion invoices your company €499 for the service fee.
  • Your company will receive a payment notification from WorkMotion worth €5,499 payments due. 

Payday for the employee - 25th January 2021

  • Partner pays Max the €5,000 salary

Invoices due date for your company- 5th February 2021

  • WorkMotion receives €5,499 payment from your company.

Partner is being paid by WorkMotion - 10th February 2021

  • Service remuneration for the partner: €5,000.

End of employment - 30th June 2022

  • Partner returns the advance payment of €6,000 to WorkMotion.
  • WorkMotion returns the payment to your company.