Service costs breakdown for WorkGlobal

Here is an example of employee onboarding costs for WorkGlobal until the employment end cycle:

Employee: Max 

Salary: €5,000/Monthly

Service fee: €649/Monthly*

*Subject to the number of Talents onboarded by you. 

Onboarding fee: €499

Start date: 1st December 2022 


Start of employment - 1st December 2022 

  • Advance payment of €6,000 to be sent to our local partner and WorkMotion [(monthly total cost of employment x 1.1) rounded to the nearest 500].
  • WorkMotion invoices your company €499 for the onboarding fee.
  • This amount is mandatory to start the onboarding process and ensure we can cover payslip payments. It will only be returned when the employment contract is terminated.

Partner payroll closes - on 15th December 2022

  • Partner’s payroll closes.
  • Partner invoices €5,000 to your company for the employee salary and sends the invoice to WorkMotion.
  • WorkMotion invoices your company €649 for the service fee.
  • Your company will receive a payment notification from WorkMotion for the due payment of €5,649. 

Payday for the employee - 25th December 2022

  • Partner pays Max the salary of €5,000.

Invoices due date for your company- 5th January 2023

  • WorkMotion receives a €5,649 payment from your company.

Partner is being paid by WorkMotion - 10th January 2023

  • Service remuneration for the partner: €5,000.

End of Employment Contract

  • Partner returns the advance payment of €6,000 to WorkMotion.
  • WorkMotion returns the payment to your company.