Onboarding progress

It is important to have a granular view of the onboarding stages when an employee is added to the platform. 

Event Tracking Bar

For this reason, it is now possible to follow the onboarding steps completion through the Event Tracking Bar available next to each employee's name:


This horizontal timeline includes 10 steps and it will highlight the step completion at each stage of the onboarding.

Detailed events view

When selecting the tracking bar, you will be presented with a detailed view of the onboarding progress:



There are three main parties that have to complete the onboarding actions:

  • Company:
    • start the onboarding 
    • confirm contract details
    • contract refinement and signature
  • Admin:
    • our Global HR Operations team tasks conducted on and outside the platform
  • Employee:
    • registration on the platform
    • data collection
    • contract signature

Onboarding stages explained

Each stage is triggered once specific actions are completed:

  1. Onboarding started: HR Manager or Admin added an employee and completed the first step of the onboarding Contract Details and clicked Continue.
  2. Contract info completed: HR Manager or Admin adds the employee email address and clicks Continue.
  3. Employee invited: HR Manager or Admin clicks on Finish in the Summary Review tab.
  4. Employee sign-up: Talent registers to the platform via the received invitation.
  5. Data collection started: Talent filled out the Personal Details section and clicked on Continue.
  6. Data collection completed: Talent filled out the Bank Details section and clicked on Continue.
  7. Employment contract in the draft: Admin provides Employee data and documents to our Partner so the contract can be drafted. 
  8. Contract in refinement stage: Our partner prepares the contract draft for the Talent to review.
  9. Contract sent out for signature: The contract is sent out for signature to the Talent.
  10. Contract signed: Admin uploads the signed contract under the Talent profiled on the platform (Preview > Documents section).

You may still see the old onboarding display in cases where the existing employee status is Draft or Onboarding - this will change as soon as the employment status will be Contract Signed.