User Guide - HR Manager

If you are reading this, then you are probably looking to hire globally and expand your team. Hiring globally is a seemingly daunting challenge, but we are happy to let you know that we've got your back!

With this guide, we aim to show you around the WorkMotion Platform and how it works. It includes a couple of FAQs as well as a “how to…” for the features that we currently offer and spoilers on what we'll be adding in the near future.

Should you still have questions after reading this guide, we are here for you.
Please contact us via the WorkMotion Support Portal and select the relevant field for your request so we can assist you in a timely manner.



How the Platform Works

The platform is made up of 3 dashboards for 3 different roles:

  1. The HR Manager, which is you - how the platform works will be described below.

  2. The Line Manager, who are the people required to approve expenses and/or vacations.

  3. The Employee dashboard provides the view that the international employees will see.
    It is used for onboarding, holiday requests, and expense requests.



Accessing the Platform

When you receive the invitation it will come with a short introduction to who we are and why we are inviting you to the platform and it includes the following button:





This button will lead you to our password creation page:



Please specify your preferred password. It must have 8 digits, at least one capitalized letter, and at least one symbol of some sort. Security first!

Once you have created and confirmed your password, your account will be ready and you will be prompted to log in.




In order to onboard an employee, the magic button that gives you access to the labor market in 152 countries is located at the top right corner of the dashboard. Clicking on “ADD EMPLOYEE” will kick off the onboarding process of a new candidate.


You'll find another button called "Import Existing". It does the same function but with a different, easier solution that we'll show you in a bit below.



If you need to delete a candidate/employee from the dashboard whose onboarding has already started, please contact us.


Country Selection

The first step of the onboarding is country selection. Once you select a country, you’ll enter a country-specific onboarding flow.



Employment Agreement Details

Once you have selected a country where you want to hire, you will be required to specify the details we need in order to individualize the contractual service set up to your preferences. When it comes to the job description, we require a certain amount of detail for the contract creation. Hence, as a guideline, 4-5 tasks are recommended for the candidate. However, any additional detail will make sure that we do not need to reach out to you for more information.



Contract Clauses

The second step in the contract specification is the clauses concerning paid time off, probation period, and termination notice. In these fields, we have restricted the input depending on the country to make sure that you don't need to worry if you are compliant with the local regulations. We have also provided recommendations in the ‘info tips’ based on the expectations and regulations in the specific countries.



Salary Calculator

The salary calculator step of the onboarding is required in order to give you a pre-estimate of the total cost of employment of the candidate. These can differ significantly from country to country.
For example, in Spain & Italy, you are by law required to pay the 13th & 14th wages on top of the salary that you offer the candidate, or in Switzerland, you will need to pay a 500CHF home-office allowance for remote workers.


The salary that you insert in this step, will appear in the contract of the employee. Hence, if you want to include any additional cost items, like the additional months' wages in Spain and in Italy, then we recommend matching the “Total Gross Salary” output of the calculation to the wage that you prefer to pay the employee.
To be more specific, if you want to pay an employee in Spain a total of €60,000, then you should offer them €12/14*60,000 (€51,428), as we will add 2 additional compulsory months' wages to the “total gross salary” which will then amount to €60,000.



Once you click on calculate, the output will appear below.


Please be aware that this is a preliminary estimate and the actual total cost of employment could differ slightly depending on the month and if the employee satisfies some criteria, which are employee-specific and have not been collected yet.





Now, that the contract is completed, it is time to invite your candidate to join the platform.
As the first step here, we will require their email. The invitation will only be sent once you confirm all the details in the ‘Candidate’s Email’ step. It will include a short introduction to the WorkMotion platform so that the candidate is not surprised by the email. However, we recommend briefing them before the employment setup before inviting them to avoid any misunderstandings.



Summary Confirmation

The final step of the data collection for you will be to confirm the summary of the employment agreement. This will act as an appendix to the Master Service and Platform Agreement (MSPA) which we have previously signed.
Once you confirm the data in the summary, we will invite your candidate to the platform and start processing the data to start their onboarding and setting up the employment.
Completing this step acts as a Project Assignment.



Finally, once the summary has been confirmed, you will have to provide a manager contact, which will be managing the expenses and holidays of the employee. For the first onboarding, we will also require a “Finance Contact”, which is the email where we will be sending the invoices.



Candidate Overview

You can check your candidate's (or employee) information by going to Dashboard > Action > Preview:




In the settings section, you can find your account details, change your login and change the company details that we will write on the invoices and invitations of your employees. You can find and manage the other HR users and invite new ones to the platform.



Under the “Users” tab, you can see who from your HR team is already on the platform and invite new ones to join, if they are not there yet.cb140c53-0ee0-4416-88e3-9e77de193e02.png


Adding an HR Colleague to the Platform

To add a new HR colleague to the platform, you will need to go to Settings > Users > Add HR Colleague. Then a pop-up window will appear in which you can fill out the details of your colleague. After clicking on “send invitation”, they will receive an email with the link to create an account on the platform.






Action Items

Under the action items tab on the left, you will be notified if we require any action or additional details from you. Moreover, when a colleague confirms an onboarding or additional employees are joining the platform, you will be notified of their status changes here (not to your personal email).0a48930c-971a-4b0b-9525-481eaca2069b.png


Expense Management

While working abroad, your employee will not have access to your company’s direct equipment support especially if they potentially need to travel frequently for business purposes. To this end, we have worked on making Expense Management easy for you.

You can find all your employee’s expenses on the “Expenses” tab on the left sidebar.



After navigating to “Expenses” you will find a tabular view of all the expenses that your employees have submitted.d4b7873a-8e04-4fd0-9086-42145430c1c4.png


You can click on “preview” a request to see the details, receipts, and descriptions before approving it.



The usual approval workflow is via the Line manager, which you specify at the end of the onboarding of the employee. They will be able to see the same view of the expenses, but it will only contain the entries of the employees they have been assigned to. The first approval/rejection can come from them or from you.



As an HR Manager, you will see all expense requests and will be able to overwrite any approval/rejection that has been made by a line manager should you disagree with it. This process finishes on the 4th of every month, which is when our internal payroll cycle ends. That means that on this day any expense with the status “approved” will become “processed” and will be reimbursed to the requesting employee shortly after. This also means, that there will no longer be any edits accepted to the requests or approvals/rejections.

Notifications: We send out 2 reminders before the end of the month to review all the expenses. 🔔



Paid time off management on the platform is to be added shortly.




We have enabled easy integrations with Personio and Bamboo HR; thus the "Import Existing" button mentioned at the beginning of the guide becomes relevant. We are still in the process of adding multiple integrations with other HRIS systems.





Forgot/Reset Password

If you are ever stuck and require a password change, because you have misplaced or forgotten your existing one, you can simply request a new password via the login page (WorkMotion ). Here you will find “Forgot password?” written in small green letters below the input field where you would normally insert your password.



Clicking on it will send you to a new page, where you can request a password reset
(WorkMotion ) without having to log in. Once you type in your email address, we will send you a new token which will enable you to create a new password. The email looks as follows (see below) and if you should ever receive this email without having triggered a reset by yourself, please notify a member of our team, so that we can make sure that your account is not compromised.



Once you click on “Create New Password” you will be sent to a new page where you will be prompted to select a new password.



Thereafter, you will be able to login with your new password as per usual.