New Dashboard

Having the data stored in the platform is one thing; being able to access the data in the easiest most practical way is another thing.

Welcome to your new revamped Dashboard!


The new HR Dashboard V1.0 is broken down into sections each targeting a specific purpose:

  1. Welcome Message

  2. Announcements

    • this section will be used for new and regular announcements

  3. Counter Analytics

    • We tried to add some important data for you to keep an eye on each time you go to the dashboard such as:
      • total expenses submitted during the current month

      • total invoices that were invoiced during the current month

      • total base salaries of the onboarded talents in all statuses

      • total number of countries of of the onboarded talents in all statuses

  4. Countries Insights

    • a world map that shows where these talents are onboarded

    • a breakdown of each country with the number of talents and percentage contributing to the total in each country

  5. Onboarding Overview

    • a breakdown of the onboardings of talents in 3 main stages

      • Talents still in draft

      • Talents who started their onboarding

      • Talents who signed their contracts and going live

    • it also shows an overall counter of the summation of the total onboardings created in the account

  6. New Talents Starting Soon

    • an overview of the talents who signed a contract and have their start date coming up soon and within the current month

  7. Action Items

    • an overview of the most recent action items that require your attention

  8. Demographics

    • a breakdown of 3 demographics details of talents overall such as:

      • gender overview

      • employment type

      • contract type

Let us know what you think about the new Dashboard and if you have any comments or specific requests, feel free to let us know ;)