One-Time Payment Request


To ensure a smooth payroll process to our HR clients we developed a new feature to be able to submit the one-time payment requests through the workmotion platform.


How it works?

1. HR logins to the platform

2. Under “Payroll” menu item, go to “Payments”

3. HR should select “Add Request”


4. HR fills the request details

  • Select the Type (One-time allowance, Bonus or commission)

  • Select the Talent Name

  • Type the Amount (The currency is the same processed currency of the Talent)

  • Select the Amount Type (Gross or Net)

  • Choose the Payroll Cycle

  • Add any comments

  • Submit the request



5. After the request is submitted, our team will be notified and will take care of the request

6. Our team will update the request status once processed so HR can have visibility on where is the request standing

  • Pending (The request is pending review)

  • Approved (The request is approved and will be applied in the stated payroll cycle)

  • Rejected (The request can’t be processed for some reason that would be clarified by our team)

7. The payment will be added to the payroll cycle set in the request if approved and would be sent to the Talents with their payroll.


Please note that this feature is applicable only for one-time payment requests and not for recurring payments.