Submitting Expense Requests

Lots of expenses are being submitted by Talents everyday; that's why we launched a new update to make sure that the expense request is legally compliant and categorized as taxable or not taxable in a correct way according to country regulations.


Expense Requests are divided into 3 categories:

  • Expenses Categories

  • Expenses Subcategories

  • Custom questions

Such as:

  • Business Travel
    • Private car - generally at a standard amount per kilometer
    • Per Diem - generally country-specific standard amounts depending on duration and location
    • Flight / Train / Public Transport / Taxi / Rental Car - generally at cost
    • Hotel - generally at cost (as long as this is reasonable). This goes as a business expense and tickets are required.
  •  Home Office & Telecommunications
    • Internet
    • Mobile phone/Laptops
    • Home office supplies
  • Employee Mobility
  • Food & Beverages
  • Health & Education
    • Courses & Training
    • Gym allowances
  • Others (it's always taxable)

How to view a new expense request by Talent?

  • Log in to your Workmotion account
  • Go to Expenses
    • you'll find all your previous submitted expense requests
  • Click on Request Expense button and fill the info then submit



  • your request status will be pending until HR approves or rejects it.

If you have any questions regarding why an expense is taxable or not, please reach out to us.