Viewing Expense Requests

Several expenses are submitted by Talents every day; which is why we launched a new update to make sure that the expense request remains legally compliant and properly categorized as taxable or not taxable according to country regulations.


Expense Requests are divided into 3 categories:

  • Expenses Categories

  • Expenses Subcategories

  • Custom questions

Such as:

  • Business Travel
    • Private car - generally at a standard rate per kilometer
    • Per Diem - generally country-specific standard amounts depending on duration and location
    • Flight / Train / Public Transport / Taxi / Rental Car - generally at cost
    • Hotel - generally at cost (as long as this is reasonable). This is counted as a business expense requiring the submission of tickets.
  •  Home Office & Telecommunications
    • Internet
    • Mobile phone/Laptops
    • Home office supplies
  • Employee Mobility
  • Food & Beverages
  • Health & Education
    • Courses & Training
    • Gym allowances
  • Others (it's always taxable)

How to submit a new expense request by Talent?

  • Log in to your Workmotion account
  • Go to Payroll / Expenses
    • You'll find all the previously submitted expense requests by talents. 


  • You then click on any request, review it and either accept or reject it.



If you have any questions regarding why an expense is taxable or not, please reach out to us.