Contract Changes - WorkDirect

What is contract changes request?

It is for the HR to request contract changes for talents through the platform.



HR should go to payroll section in the side menu bar and choose “Contract Changes” then submit a request.


What are the change requests supported currently?

  • Promotion

  • Title

  • Salary

  • PTO


The HR:

  • HR will submit contract change request which can be
    • Promotion
    • Salary > Annual with local currency
    • Title
    • PTO
    • Sick days
    • Additional Benefits
    • Others
  • HR will choose when to apply the change.
    • Cutoff will be 15th of the month


  • HR can track the status of the request by viewing its status:
    • In Review: Our team received your request and is reviewing it.
    • In Progress: Our team is processing your request.
    • On hold: Your request is pending additional information to be completed.
    • Rejected: Your request has been rejected. Please see Admin comments.
    • Completed: Your request has been completed and changes will apply as requested.