Time Off Request Feature

How to Request Time Off using WM Platform?

1. Log in to the platform with your WM credentials

2. Select Time off from the side menu



3. Click on the Request Absence button



 4. Select your Absence Type


~ When you Choose the start date and End date, the Absence days will be calculated automatically.


Please keep in mind that:

  • The weekends are automatically counted and deducted.

  • Public holidays are not counted and you will have to adjust them manually.



6. Then click on Submit and that's it!

  • A notification Email will be sent to HR to review your request and take action.

In case of Sick Leave

Attach a medical Certificate if required as per your company policy.



In case you need to edit your previously submitted requests

You can only edit the number of Absence days for whatever reason you agree with your HR along with adding a note to clarify the changes.



Half day policy

  1. When the talent chooses one-day vacation, he/she can request half day then select first part of the day or second part of the day

HR receives notification on the email and is able to view the request with all the details in the page called “Time off” in the platform then approve/reject.