Lucca Integration

What’s Lucca?

Lucca HRIS is a people management platform that helps dynamic companies bring out the best in their employees.

How to integrate your Lucca account with your WorkMotion account?

  • Login to the platform

  • Choose “Integrations” from the side menu bar


  • Click on “Integrate”


  • Login to your Lucca and follow these steps to get your token


  • Go back to the WM platform and paste the token in the integration pop up


  • Click “Submit” and you’ll see a successful message to confirm the integration.


  • After Integration is activated successfully, the system needs a few mins to properly setup the integration.


  • Once the integration is ready, the button will change to “Use Integration”.


How to import your Lucca Employees to your WorkMotion account?

  • Click on Use Integrations
  • Select the desired employees from the list, choose their “Country“ from the drop down list and the click on “Import”
  • image-20220519-142457.png

  • Once the import is complete, the admin HR will receive an action item as a confirmation.


  • The imported employees are then added in draft status with a “L” visual in the talent list.
  • The HR should then click on “Continue” to approve the imported data, correct any error validations, and complete the missing information.
  • Once the HR confirms all the imported data and invites the employee, the employee will receive an invitation to join the WorkMotion platform with their data pre-populated from Lucca in the data collection phase. The employee should just confirm their data and edit or add any missing information before confirmation.


    We currently support the following attributes: (If you want custom mapping, Contact Us)

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Job title

    • Employment type

    • Contract type

    • Contract start date

    • Email

    • Phone number